Monday, 28 December 2015

The state of the Church

As every years beginning we all face things that we want to change. Things we want to do differently.

Me? I was to get rid of all this turkey and pie sticking to my ribs. 

Some things we can and should make an honest effort to change. Some things can not be changed!

I ask the question to my beloved "what should we do differently in ministry to get folks to listen?"

In her wisdom she answered "The same thing Jesus would." As I sat there - and before she finished her statement, I knew what was about to be said.

With all truth comes attack and with attack comes cost. Cost is what I wish to address here:

This ministry is making a difference and that difference takes time. It takes dedication and passion. Sometimes I do not think I have either. However it is not my dedication or passion that makes change - it is His.

So without this being a 99 page post lol let me get to my point.

Services at Paltalk will be back in full force starting on the 1st of Jan 2016. That will be on a Friday night. We will continue with Friday being about discipleship with a bit of a slant of focusing on the Gospel message and it's application.

Monday night will get back into the series of "The House of God" Which I am sure the series will end soon lol!

Let us make the choice to bring forth this message to as many as the Lord directs!

Thank you
Your Fellow servant
Pastor Jeff