Thursday, 31 December 2015

Ticktock Ticktock My Family 12-31-2015

Has anything Changed?

Tiz the time of life that we all get very reflective. We always seem to look back as a statement of where we are going.

Kind of like walking Backwards!

Last night as Jay and I do every night - we share thoughts! We dive into each others minds and hit all subjects.

Last night Jay asked "Do you ever think of how you will die?"

Always a good topic to go to sleep with LOL.

I said SURE! I think we all do and if you don't I think you have lost all sense of reality. 

It is not about the fear of it -- it is the reality of it that gets us.

Anyway then of course Jay went further.

Said "I could get on bus one morning or evening and have some knife wielding Muzzie cutting my throat!"

Of course I told her to stop thinking like that or at least keep it to yourself LOL.

She wisely said "It is the time we live in."

Of course she is right - I mean I am the one who is making homemade weapons and I do walk down the road with a stick with huge screws coming out in all directions .... and yes I do have folks walking a bit further away from me when they see it GLORYYYYYYYYY lol

We need to be prepared to have our lives taken at any time. For any reason. To trust God for this new year that in reality is not that different then the last 2,000 years -- except we have drones now LOLOLOL

Be Ready - Be vigilante

Your Fellow servant
Pastor Jeff